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About ASC Scholars

After our six-week Summer Intensive, our graduates become members of our Scholar network. This vibrant community includes hundreds of young tech stars based in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We continue to celebrate our students’ successes and offer unique opportunities through the Scholar Services Program. As the number of our cohorts continues to grow, and our scholars begin matriculation into colleges and universities around the country, it is crucial to find innovative ways to stay connected to them, and for our Scholars to stay connected to each other.

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Join The ASC Summer Intensive

The Summer Intensive is All Star Code's flagship program, a six-week coding experience featuring both technical web development skills as well as soft skills. Using our three pillars: Dare Greatly, Celebrate Failure, and Tell Your Story, we give young men the skills, networks, and mindsets they need to succeed through technology. The Summer Intensive is a FREE 6-week crash course in coding! Food, transportation, and a laptop are provided for every student of the program.